The students are here! The students are here!!

The students are here! The students are here!!

Today is the first full day of our new endeavor.  We are hosting a week long Appalachian Immersion trip for the Poverty Initiative of Union Theological Seminary.  We have about 35 people – students, community organizers, pastors, etc. from various parts of the east coast mainly the New York area.  This morning Rev Dennis Sparks and Rick Wilson spoke to the group about justice issues and organizing.  Prior to arriving in Charleston they were in Wheeling and Philippi.

If the Wheeling DAWG had her Internet service she could blog about what happened with the group in Wheeling.  But as we all know paying the rent and keeping the heat on comes before paying the Internet bill.

I know that in Wheeling they met with a group of Head Start parents and also were given a tour of the city by one of our board members and lifelong Wheeling native.  Tonight they are going to hear all about our work and Teen DAWG and then in the morning we are off the Matewan and Big Ugly.


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