Vote WV

Vote WV

Well, today I am sick…. and without health insurance……will just have to tough it out.   Anyway, I wanted to spread the word about something going on.  Here is a blurb from a friend that gives all the details.

Help Patriots For Peace and Citizen Action Group

The web-based straw poll we are launching ( will give West Virginia voters a chance to express their choice for a presidential nominee prior to February 5th, when the primary races may be effectively over.  In the process we are hoping to underscore the importance of the Iraq War, and its disastrous effects on the economy, as issues in this election.

By launching the website at the voter registration office, we want to stress the importance of West Virginians casting a real ballot on Election Day and participating in the political process at all levels.  The Voter Registration office will be closed on Sunday, but we intend our brief gathering there to call attention to the fact that many West Virginians feel closed out of the primary process because West Virginia is one of the last five states to hold their primary election.

Vote WV January 27 through February 5

So go visit the website and vote.  Let your voice be heard!!

Oh and by the way, even though I am really sick…….tomorrow I get to spend the morning at DHHR sifting through papers as part of our FOIA request regarding the “new Medicaid plan”.  Hopefully someone, somewhere has real numbers we can look at.


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