I just wanted to clear this up real quick… This is very unlikely!

I just wanted to clear this up real quick… This is very unlikely!

A Polish woman has filed a lawsuit against an Egyptian hotel after claiming her teenage daughter got pregnant from using the pool.

Magdalena Kwiatkowska claims her 13-year-old daughter conceived from a stray sperm floating in the hotel’s mixed-sex pool after she took a dip, the Sun reports. The hotel was not named.

The teen returned to Poland from holiday expecting a baby. Kwiatkowska said her daughter did not meet any boys while she was in Egypt.

Tourist authorities in Warsaw confirmed the complaint. The mother is seeking compensation from the hotel.

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MYTH – You Can Get Pregnant if Swimming in a Pool Where There is Sperm:

This is a common myth. If a man ejaculates into the water, it is highly unlikely that a woman will get pregnant. There are many explanations as to why women cannot get pregnant just by swimming in a pool where sperm may be present. If ejaculation takes place in hot water (like a hot tub or Jacuzzi), or water filled with pool chemicals, bubbles, chlorine, or other substances, sperm would not be able to survive for more than a few seconds. Also, the water in a pool is too cold for sperm to live. Sperm could last for only a few minutes if a man ejaculates in warm water with no chemicals (like a bath tub).

It is also unlikely that the microscopic sperm could travel through the water of water in a bath tub, pool or Jacuzzi to arrive at a vagina. Finally, if a woman is just sitting in a hot tub or swimming in a pool, her vagina is not “open,” so the sperm have a very low chance of getting in. According to the American Pregnancy Association, “pregnancy occurring from this [ejaculation in the water] is very unlikely and in most cases is not possible at all.”

NOTE: There are many places you can go to prove this is probly not what happened. How ever you can get pregnant if you have sex in a pool or hot tub but you wont get pregnant from swimiing in a pool.




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