101 Ways to Make a Difference Today

101 Ways to Make a Difference Today

  • Do you want to make a difference but don’t have much money?
  • Are you unsure about how to help out in your community?
  • Do you just need some cheap and easy ideas?

This is your lucky day.  You have stumbled upon DAWG’s list of 101 cheap and easy (mostly free) things you can do today to make a difference in your community.

It’s really easy, just read this list and pick one thing to do at least once a month.

  1. Clean out your kitchen cabinets and donated the unwanted nonperishable food to your local food pantry.
  2. Grow an extra row of food in your garden to donate to a local food pantry or soup kitchen
  3. When you go grocery shopping buy one extra can of food that you can donate.
  4. Donate dog or cat food to a local animal shelter.
  5. Donate $5 a month to DAWG. You can use the PayPal link and set up a monthly reoccurring donation.
  6. Clean out your closet and donate your unwanted clothes to a local shelter.
  7. Buy an extra bag of baby diapers, pack of toilet paper, box of tampons, or bottle of shampoo and donate it to the local food pantry.
  8. Volunteer to walk dogs at your local animal shelter
  9. Follow DAWG on Twitter and retweet or favorite a tweet
  10. Like DAWG on Facebook and share a post from our page
  11. Crochet or knit baby sweater, booties, or blankets and donate them to your local Right from the Start, MIHOW program or hospital.
  12. Hold free community clothing or school supply giveaway.  Contact us and we will help you set it up.
  13. Call an elderly neighbor and check on them.
  14. Volunteer to help out at a local soup kitchen on your lunch break.
  15. Leave a bowl of fresh water outside for stray and wild animals.
  16. Cut your neighbors grass.
  17. Smile at a homeless person.
  18. Volunteer at your child’s school.
  19. Crochet or knit hats and scarfs and leave them at bus stops and park benches for people who may need them.
  20. Save your hotel soaps and shampoos and donate them to a local homeless shelter or leave them in public bathrooms for people who may need them.
  21. Buy an extra cup of coffee for your co-worker or neighbor
  22. Make muffins and hand them out to your neighbors one morning.
  23. Put money in an expired parking meter
  24. Start a fundraiser for DAWG on Razoo or Crowdrise and challenge your friends to donate.
  25. Invite a friend to your house for dinner and use the fancy plates you have been saving for a special occasion.
  26. Give flowers to random strangers on the street.
  27. Leave books on park benches, bus stops, and in waiting rooms for others to find.
  28. Volunteer at the local animal shelter to take pictures of the animals and post them to their Facebook Page.
  29. Volunteer to set up and/or mange a Facebook Page for a nonprofit that does not have one.
  30. Organize a food drive after the holidays when the food pantries really need the help.
  31. Share this list.
  32. Pass out balloons to strangers on the street.
  33. Smile and say Hi to everyone you pass on the street.
  34. Pick up trash you see and throw it away
  35. Offer to drive your neighbor to the store or other errands
  36. Volunteer to be a mentor or a Big Brother Big Sister.
  37. Teach someone how to sell their used items on eBay.
  38. Take a friend to the library with you and share the joy of reading.
  39. Carry an extra pair of gloves and hand them to someone who has none.
  40. Leave grocery coupons in the store near the items for people to find.
  41. Got a buy one get one free dinner coupon or a free coffee coupon you are not going to use? Give it to a neighbor, a co-worker, or someone in line at the restaurant.
  42. Collect old blankets, sleeping bags, and coats and give them to homeless people in the winter.
  43. Save up all your loose change and at the end of the year donate it to DAWG or another wonderful charity.
  44. Share pictures of adoptable animals from shelters and rescues on your Facebook at least once a week.
  45. Ask your friends to like DAWG on Facebook or follow DAWG on Twitter.
  46. Volunteer at a nursing home to visit with residents. They really love just having someone to talk to and you will learn so much from them.  They are living history.
  47. Offer to watch your friend’s children for free while she has some me time.
  48. Host a monthly pot luck/covered dish dinner with your friends, neighbors, or co-workers.
  49. Donate cosmetics, perfume, fingernail polish, and hair accessories to a homeless shelter.
  50. If you are a hair dresser or a nail tech volunteer to cut hair or do nails at a shelter for a day.
  51. Donate your leftover party food, wedding food, or conference food to a homeless shelter.
  52. Make sure you spay or neuter your pets.
  53. Donate your old cell phone to a domestic violence program
  54. Volunteer for the rape crisis hotline
  55. Send a random Thinking of You card to your mother. She will love it.
  56. Start a neighborhood free clothing swap party.
  57. Fire up the grill and pass out hot dogs to everyone who walks by.
  58. One a hot day send your kids outside with popsicles for all the other children in the neighborhood.
  59. Offer to give your neighbor and their pet a ride to the vet. Buses and cabs don’t allow pets.
  60. Offer to run an errand for a neighbor while you are out anyway. e. pick up their dry cleaning when you pick up yours.
  61. Say Thank You!
  62. Make cupcakes for your office.
  63. Be a virtual volunteer on Volunteer Match
  64. Sign petitions for issues you support
  65. Plant fruit trees in your neighborhood.
  66. Share your newspaper
  67. Show up at protests and demonstrations for issues you support.
  68. Spread the word. Tell your friends how cheap and easy it is to get involved.
  69. Shop local small businesses and restaurants.
  70. Vote in every election.
  71. Take a friend or neighbor to the polls when you go to vote.
  72. Attend city council meetings.
  73. Write or email your elected officials
  74. Attend local events, festivals, and fundraisers.
  75. Volunteer for a literacy program or an English as a Second Language program
  76. If you know another language or sign language volunteer as an interpreter at a local nonprofit, school, or event.
  77. Throw a block party with your neighbors
  78. Plant a community garden
  79. Help a neighbor with yard work, or snow shoveling.
  80. Plant flowers in your front yard and volunteer to help you neighbors do the same.
  81. Donate blood
  82. Volunteer at your local shelter or rescue to foster an animal
  83. Become a volunteer tutor or homework helper.
  84. Pack and extra lunch and share.
  85. Pay the toll for the person behind you.
  86. Write a thank you note.
  87. Volunteer to help build a house with Habitat for Humanity
  88. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen
  89. Volunteer to deliver for Meals on Wheels
  90. Donate arts and crafts supplies to a senior center, day care, or classroom
  91. Buy extra school supplies and donate them to your child’s classroom for others who might need them.
  92. Leave a big tip
  93. Hold the door open for others.
  94. Give a lottery ticket to a random stranger. You might change their life.
  95. Be a friend and give someone a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen.
  96. Install a bird feeder or a bird bath in your yard.
  97. Take a friend for a walk around your neighborhood.
  98. Pick up the tab for the person eating beside you.
  99. Buy a dozen donuts and give them to the fire department.
  100. Recycle
  101. Namaste

Keep this list growing add your ideas in the comments below.



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