Catching Up

Catching Up

It has been a while since anyone blogged so I thought I would catch you up a little on everything that is happening.

DAWG has a new office.  We rented it in December, were planning on being in and open by early January but …..   the roof collapsed. We were just able to move in this week.  So excited but… we found out before we can officially open we have to do a business application with the City of Charleston and have a bunch of different departments come out and certify the building before we can actually open for business.  Why doesn’t anyone tell you this stuff?

Our VISTA, Patty left in December so it kind of put all the projects she was working on on hold for a while.  Terri came on as our VISTA the beginning of January but we have been dealing with the office so some of the VISTA projects are still on hold.

Hopefully by March we will have everything in order and be able to open the office and get the VISTA projects back on track.  Keep your fingers crossed!

We have big plans for the new office space. We are planing several trainings, pot luck dinners, movie nights, book discussion groups and loads more.  We will even have computers that people can come in and use to apply for benefits.  We will have tons of opportunities for volunteers to get involved so stay tuned to the blog and the website to find out more.

I’m not going to promise but I will try to be better at keeping up the blog.  There’s just not enough time in the day. If you have a few hours to spare let me know.

I want to give a thank you to all the people who donated to our Office Fund so we could get the office and to the AFL-CIO, St. Andrews United Methodist, NASW, and our great friends for helping us get the office furnished.  Now if we can just jump through the hoops for the city we will be all set………maybe.


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