HB 4343 to Create Labor History Week in West Virginia

 What was originally HB 4343 has been incorporated into House Concurrent Resolution No. 58. Most of the language from HB 4343 creating Labor History Week in West Virginia has been incorporated into the Resolution, and the only major difference between HB4343 and the Resolution is the curriculum requirements for the pub...lic schools will be encouraged and not mandated. www.legis.state.wv.us Expressing the sense of the Legislature that designating the annual observance of the week following the Labor Day Holiday as Labor History Week for the State of West Virginia will increase the awareness and understanding of labor history and the contributions of workers to the state, nation and wor... via Facebook | Support HB 4343 to Create Labor History Week in West Virginia.
This is a bill that is in the House now that will create a Labor History Week.   WV has a longhistory of labor organizing and this week would provide the opportunity to make a week of learning about labor history.

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