With Your Help WV Can Draw Down $22 Million RA Funds for Unemployment

With Your Help WV Can Draw Down $22 Million RA Funds for Unemployment

West Virginia can draw down $22 million in Recovery Act funds if it changes its unemployment insurance system,which was designed in the 1930s, to reflect the modern workforce.

 Specifically, we can receive the money if we extend eligibility to people seeking only part-time work and to people who had to leave work due to domestic violence, sexual assault or compelling family circumstances, such as having to care for a sick relative or having to leave work to keep a family together when a spouse has to relocate. In all cases, people would only be eligible for benefits when they are available for work. The change in eligibility for part time workers would particularly help women, who make up the majority of part time workers and who often have to balance work with caring for children or elderly relatives. Taking these steps would help families dealing with hard times and bring money to local economies.

Currently, two bills are floating around the legislature to do just this: HB 4332 and SB 569— but they need your help this week if they are going to get anywhere.

To send an email to your legislators and Governor Manchin in support of these changes,

click here:



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