WV Birth to Three

Help for Children with Development Delays - Birth to Three


  If there are concerns about a child’s development WVBTT can:
  • Answer questions about a child’s development to decide if he or she is growing and learning on schedule.
  • Offer ideas and assistance to families as they look for ways to understand and help their child’s development.
  • Link families to financial or other supports they might need.
  • Arrange services to be provided in a family’s home, a baby-sitter’s house, childcare center, grandparents’ house or other place in the community where the child plays, learns, and grows.
  WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR WVBTT? Children under age three who have significant delays in their development, or who may have medical conditions or other risk factors that can cause delays in their development can be eligible for WV Birth to Three. Developmental areas where children might need help:
  • Cognitive: Thinking and learning
  • Physical: Moving, seeing, hearing, health
  • Social/Emotional: Feelings, coping, getting along with others
  • Adaptive: Doing things for him/herself
  • Communication: Understanding and communicating with others
  To learn more about the WV Birth to Three services in your area, please call: 1-866-321-4728 or visit them on the web.

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