Save Blair Mountain – A National Historic Site

Save Blair Mountain – A National Historic Site

Saving Blair Mountain – Its not about coal or mountain top removal.  Its about saving a piece of national history.  Blair Mountain is under attack by corporations who have no regard for its historical significance.  They are only concerned with exploiting the land for profit.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has listed the Blair Mountain Battlefield as one of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.

 Blair Mountain, about 90 minutes southwest of Charleston, W.Va., was the scene of the showdown in 1921 between a miners’ army at least 7,000 strong and a 3,000-man defensive force headed by Logan County Sheriff Don Chafin and other law officers, many of whom were on the coal companies’ payrolls. The defensive force, bolstered by private planes that dropped homemade bombs on the miners, dug trenches, blocked roads, felled trees and mounted machine guns along the 15-mile ridgeline. The miners used natural pathways to mount the ridge and breach Chafin’s line. The confrontation was the largest armed labor conflict in the nation’s history, with miners seeking the right not only to unionize but also to exercise civil liberties such as freedom of speech and assembly.

Blair Mountain played a major role not just in West Virginia history but in labor history in the United States. The Battle of Blair Mountain was one of the largest civil uprising in US history and the largest armed insurrection since the American Civil War.  It is a vital piece of history and should not be destroyed.

To find out more about the historic Battle of Blair Mountain and the current Battle to Save Blair Mountain visit some of the following sites:

Blair Mountain Community Center and Museum

Battle of Blair Mountain

Preservation Alliance of West Virginia

Friends of Blair Mountain



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