Children in Poverty a Priority to WV Legislature?

Children in Poverty a Priority to WV Legislature?

On February 13, the first day of the 2013 Legislative Session, Resolution 6 was adopted creating a Select Committee on Children and Poverty and the Governor announced there would be no cuts to child care funding.

We are interested to see how many if any parents of children in poverty will be appointed to this Select Committee or asked to meet with this committee.

The resolution was offered by Senators Unger, Kessler, Jenkins, Laird, Edgell, Stollings, Kirdendoll, Miller, McCabe, and Beach.

Language from the resolution:

Resolved by the Senate:

    That for a period of time not to exceed the term of the eighty-first Legislature there is hereby created a Senate Select Committee on Children and Poverty. This committee shall consist of the following eleven members: the Chairman of the Committee on Finance; Chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary; Chairman of the Committee on Health and Human Resources; Chairman of the Committee on Education; and seven members to be appointed by the President; and, be it

Further Resolved, That, notwithstanding the provisions of any Senate rule to the contrary, this committee shall have jurisdiction of legislative proposals regarding children and poverty and related issues as the President may deem appropriate: Provided, That reference of a bill to the Select Committee on Children and Poverty does not preclude a standing committee of the Senate from consideration of legislation addressing the same subject within its jurisdiction. The rules of the Senate governing standing committees shall govern the actions and proceedings of this committee insofar as applicable; and, be it

That evening during the State of the State Address by Governor Tomblin, the Governor announced that he will not cut child care assistance and that he proposed $17 million dollars to continue funding of the program.  This is a win for DAWG and all the other organizations that spent the summer and early fall of 2012 fighting a child care freeze and proposed child care assistance cuts.


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