The Office is Ready!!

The office is finaly ready.  I have jumped through all the hoops, fixed all the issues (hopefully), and moved most of the stuff in.  Saturday was our Open House.  It was a big success.  Around 60 people from the community stopped by to share some food and find out what our new office looked like.   We had some great food donated by Kemba Federal Credit Union and our new VISTA, Terri - bbq, spanish rice, tortillas, baked beans, cookies, and other snacks.  Several of the volunteers that helped with the office - laying the carpet, moving the furniture, etc - were on hand to see the public enjoy their handy work.  All in all it was a great Open House and I can't wait to officailly open for business when we return from NYC on April first .......yes we are opening for business on April Fool's Day.

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