Single Parents in Numbers

Single Parents in Numbers

Tired of the continuing dependency of using the myth of the welfare queen by politicians to justify cuts to necessary services?  Tired of seeing single parents portrayed as villains and the scourge of society in the media? Here are some statistics you can use to back up your argument when finding it necessary to defend against the single parent stereotypes perpetuated by the mass media and the right.

Legal Momentum released their annual Snapshot of Single Parenthood in the United States complied using information from the Census Bureau and other government agencies.  Here are some of their findings:

  • Half or more of today’s children will likely spend at least part of their childhood in a single parent family.
  • 85% of children living with a single parent were living with their mother.
  • Majority of single parents have been married or are married.
  • 56% of single parents had one child and 30% two children.
  • 3% of single parents were Asian, 23% were Hispanic, 28% were Black, and 46% were non-Hispanic White.
  • 85% of single parents had graduated high school, 54% had attended college, and 18% had at least a Bachelor’s degree.
  • 69% of single parents were employed
  • 42% of children in single parent families were poor
  • 33% of single parent families were “food insecure,” and 13% used a food pantry
  • Over 70%of the families in homeless shelters in 2013 were single parent families
  • 42% of the children in single parent families received Food Stamps (SNAP), but only 9% received TANF cash assistance.



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