Food Stamps Direct Dollars Back to Local Coffers

Food Stamps Direct Dollars Back to Local Coffers

An increase in food stamp use is giving needy residents access to a basic necessity but county officials say the program benefits the entire county by directing dollars back into local coffers.

via San Mateo Daily Journal.

The economy was built on the backs of the poor so it only makes sense that the poor would be the ones to save it.  When will our country learn that investing in the needs of the people has a much higher pay back then investing in the airplanes and bonuses of CEOs.  Exactly how much money does one person need?  I have never received a “bonus” and I have helped hundreds learn how to survive poverty.  They get multi-million dollar bonuses because they made an already wealthy company more money.  What is wrong with this picture?  Childcare workers who care for the children of these CEOs do not make enough money to care for their own families and must rely on food stamps for food.  The servers at their fancy parties are living in the shelter and the janitor who cleans up their messes can’t even afford to put shoes on his children’s feet.  They jet around to lavish “retreats” at spa resorts and ride around in limos while the people who do all their dirty work take 3 buses just to get to work and worry if they can pay for their child’s lunch.

Its time to wake up America and smell the coffee at the soup kitchen.  Until our country gets its priorities straight and realizes that everyone should be able to eat and anyone who works full-time should make enough money to provide for themselves and their families things are only going to get worse.  What good will your money do you when we finally decide to stop cleaning up your messes and watching your children?  What good will your money do you when poor people decide to rise up and say enough is enough?


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