Poverty Scholars Program | Leadership School

Poverty Scholars Program | Leadership School


In August 2009, the Poverty Scholars Program will convene a week-long Leadership School to be held in Charleston, WV and to be coordinated in collaboration with the Direct Action Welfare Group (DAWG). The Leadership School marks the foundation of a modern Poor People’s Campaign.

Leaders who have participated in preparatory Strategic Dialogues will be joined by an additional 100 select emerging leaders from partner organizations to participate in a variety of training sessions, arts and cultural events, and campaign planning.

Goals Include:

Training a core of leaders in the movement to end poverty;

Networking poor leaders/organizations from diverse communities across the country;

Beginning to lay the groundwork for reigniting the Poor People’s Campaign;

Formally integrating Poverty Scholars into the leadership of the Poverty Scholars Program and its activities.

via Poverty Scholars Program | Poverty Initiative.

We are very excited to be a part of this and look forward to sharing this experience with leaders within DAWG and in the larger community.

Poverty Scholars Pictures March 2008


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