Welfare Spending Boosts the Economy

Welfare Spending Boosts the Economy

Human services such as Food Stamps, CalWORKs and General Assistance provide a boost to the state’s economy, with an estimated $1.32 in economic activity generated for every dollar spent, according to a new study released by Beacon Economics

via Food Stamps, CalWORKS Boost Economy, report claims -Roseville California News including Rocklin and Placer County.

Well what do you know, another report confirms what we have been saying all along.  Poor people spend money and our money generates economic activity.   We never have much money and what little money we do have we turn right around and “invest” it in the economy by buying food, diapers, shoes, and paying bills and rent.  If you really want to stimulate the economy, send all us poor people the money.  We are not like the wealthy and hang on to our money.  We spend it.  We don’t have the luxury of having savings accounts and gold lying around waiting to accumulate profits.  Every penny we have goes right back into the economy and mainly the local economy – the local grocery store or the local department store. Usually the ones within walking distance or on the bus route.  Our money helps to support all the stores and all their employees in the local community.  Every dime we make goes right back out just so we can survive.  So it only makes sense that if you want money flowing into the economy give to us and watch it flow.


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