Is Peanut Butter Offensive?

We let a word have power over us and define us by the way it is used. Take for example the words peanut butter, if a guy said “I love that you are such a strong peanut butter!” I would find that funny and also feel complimented because the way it was phrased but if a guy said “You’re such a f***ing peanut butter!” I would say “What the f*** do you mean by that you douche bag?!” I would feel insulated because the way it was said. I would let the word have power it didn’t truly have. Some people are against the Slutwalk because the word “slut”. They feel that by using the word “slut” it sends the message - it is ok for society to use it against us. The truth is we are taking the word and saying this word no longer has the power to hurt us. The word does not define us and the word has no power over us. Much like the word “Bitch”, women have reclaimed “bitch” and it now means being a strong woman.  I am proud to be a Bitch and I am proud to be a Slut. Slut is no longer a bad thing. It no longer means someone dirty who sleeps around.  It now means someone who is in charge of her own sexuality. A woman who is not letting the double standard continue - that women should be virgins until marriage but men can have sex with as many women as they want and get a pat on the back.   It’s about dressing, acting, talking, walking and going where ever you want without fear of being assaulted.  It’s about being free to be who you are, not having to bow down to what a patriarchal society thinks a woman should be. A Slutwalk is about bringing attention to a culture that perpetuates rape and victimization.  The Slutwalk is about women being free to do with their bodies as they wish and not letting anyone not even our government dictate what we can and cannot do with our own bodies. Some people are getting involved with the Huntington Slutwalk because of the recent right wing assault on women’s reproductive rights.  That is important to me too. I think all healthcare should be free and all women should have access to healthcare.   My reasoning behind doing the Slutwalk is for the original reason it was started. It started in Toronto Canada after a police officer told a group of law students "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized". Halloween 2007 I was at a party with my older sister at a friend’s house, it wasn’t a big party only about 20 people. All good friends I had known most of my life so naturally I felt safe and let my guard down, I shouldn’t have because I was raped that night by one of my best friends.  Some of my friends told me I deserved it because I dress slutty and flirt with guys all the time and that it was only a matter of time and that I was stupid for getting roofied. I think that is the most terrible thing to say. You should not be criminalized for being raped the person who raped you should be. Girls shouldn’t be told don’t get raped if you do your deserved it and your stupid for letting it happen. Guys should be told don’t rape and if you do you will be punished by the fullest extent of the law. It has been several years but I still can’t forget what happened. I only remember parts of what happened but what I do remember is burned into my brain.  He still try’s to talk to me from time to time, he Facebook stalks me and messages me, calls, texts.  I don’t know how he gets my number.  Every time he says he is sorry but I will not forgive him because he made the choice to drug and rape me. When I first confronted him after I had come to terms with it he denied it but eventually admitted to raping me and he said he wasn’t sorry that he if could do it over he would do it again. I didn’t go to the police because the cops in the area where it happened are not fans of mine simply because of where I grew up.  Also he had friends whose family were cops so it would have done me no good. I would have been called a liar and been shamed for being a victim I would have had my name dragged through the mud. So I just went on with my life the best I could. It took time but with help from some amazing friends I got to a point where I could deal with what happened and I have got to a point where I can talk about it, to maybe help prevent it from happening to someone else.   Slutwalk is my way of saying Enough is Enough it is time to fight back and take our sexuality and our bodies back!!  It is time we stand up and say TODAY IS THE DAY I AM PROUD TO BE A SLUT!!





SO YES I AM A SLUT AND I WILL DRESS TALK AND ACT ANYWAY I WANT!!   Anyone can be a slut if you have been victimized or shamed because of your sexuality or body. That is why we are including the LGBTQ community in our Slutwalk.  LGBTQ people are verbally, physically, and sexually assaulted too just for being themselves.  Sexual assault can happen to anyone and anyone can commit sexual assault. It’s time to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! LETS ALL BE WHO WE ARE.  LET’S BE PROUD SLUTS. LETS MARCH AND DEMAND JUSTICE FOR ALL VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ASSUALT. LET’S DEMAND THAT WE HAVE CONTROL OF OUR OWN BODIES! I AM A PROUD SLUT!! Beth Dortch   Photo credit

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