Guilty of Being Poor

Guilty of Being Poor

(Photo: Tony Fischer/Flickr)Here’s something you might not know about Ferguson, Missouri: In this city of 21,000 people, 16,000 have outstanding arrest warrants. In fact, in 2013 alone, authorities issued 9,000 warrants for over 32,000 offenses.

That’s one-and-a-half offenses for every resident of Ferguson in just one year.

Most of the warrants are for minor offenses such as traffic or parking violations. And they’re part of a structural pattern of abuse, according to a recent Department of Justice investigation.

The damning report found that the city prioritized aggressive revenue collection over public safety. It documented unconstitutional policing, violations of due Read More

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  1. Countries that left their responsibility undone, And those who committed to do are corrupted, so these bodies are contributed to the downfall of people in the communities, and it is not limited to the communities only. this is a perfect implementation from the civil rights.

  2. Yes a good leader should provide heath care, water, electricity, good road, market place and house. Also must look round of the environment to notice what is lack behind. The community environment of the urban areas, state or country you are heading or leading will speak of what to do or provide in your own tenures.

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