$4 a gallon gas and no electric

$4 a gallon gas and no electric

This is it.  I think I am gonna  just give up and quit tryin.  I’m barely makin it as it is and now today gas is $3.95 a gallon. I had my electric shut off because I cain’t afford to pay it and everything else and feed the kids and put gas in the car to get to and from work.  There’s no bus here so if I don’t have no gas I don’t have no job.  It seems like everything is costin more and more.  What’s a workin family to do? If the prices keep risin soon we’re gonna be livin in a cave up on the ridge. I done maxed out my credit cards just tryin to keep gas in the car and groceries in the house. I cain’t even make the bills and they keep callin me all the time wantin their money. I ain’t got it and they just don’t want to listen to that.

I seen where the food pantries is runnin out of food because so many more families are needin their help. I saw in the paper that more people are havin to get on welfare because times are so bad.  I just don’t know what those of us who done used up our welfare are gonna do if we cain’t make it. We’re working hard but we ain’t getting no where just farther and farther behind.

Sometimes I just sit and cry cause I don’t know what else to do.  The groceries and the gas just keep going up.  I seen where Iraq has something like a $70 billion suprlus from oil or somethin. If they got all that money over there then why we need to keep givin em our money.  The President or whoever, needs to keep our money right here to help us that need help.

Don’t get me started on that President of ours, he ain’t never done nothing for me or anybody I know.  He send out that little bit of money called stimulus and wants us to spend it on shoppin.  CAIN’T NOBODY AFFORD NO SHOPPING!!!  When I get mine I’m gettin my lights back on and putting some gas in the car so I can work.


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