Remembering A Strong Woman

Remembering A Strong Woman

Jean Colman spent her career working to help lower-income women achieve fair treatment and dignity. The former Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition director died May 8 at the age of 59 after helping thousands of women improve their lives and inspiring countless others

via Local News | Jean Colman, made a career helping low-income women | Seattle Times Newspaper.


I just received this news today about a strong sister in the struggle who was taken all too soon.  When I first heard the news, I was so upset thinking that on May 8ththis strong wonderful woman – Jean Colman – died and I was working.  This woman who had held my hand all the way from Seattle and helped me through the forming of DAWG as an organization. Who had supported me along with many other strong sisters in the struggle through the tough times.  I was working , as if nothing as important as her passing was occurring.  I didn’t have a clue what was happening all the way in Washington State.  She died while I was busy working on details of a Poverty Scholars Leadership School.

Then, I began thinking about how she would have loved to be part of this Leadership School.  How my continuing my work and planning this school for all the welfare mommas and poppas and all the other people in America living in poverty and struggling to fight the system that keeps us down was a tribute to her.  I was honoring her spirit without even knowing she had left this world.  So after the tears and the sadness, tomorrow I will continue working and continuing this fight to honor her and all the other strong sisters who have gone before and will come after.

Jean Colman, you will be missed and you will be remembered for all the good you did in your life to help all those whose lives you touched……..even those who didn’t realize you had a hand in improving things for them and their families.


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