Mountain Health Choices – The End is Near!!

Mountain Health Choices – The End is Near!!

DHHR recently announced that the Mountain Health Choices program will end in September and families will be returned to traditional Medicaid.  As our many readers and friends of DAWG know, we have been trying to make the state see that this Medicaid program (Mountain Health Choices), which targeted poor families with children, was not the answer for West Virginia since it began.

Families didn’t understand the hoops they had to jump through in order to get the services they needed.  The state provided little assistance to families with questions and referred them to their “medical homes” for answers.  The health care providers (Medical Homes), didn’t understand the program and couldn’t help their patients with the process and referred them back to the state.  By the time people figured out what they needed it was often too late and they were assigned to the Basic program with fewer services.  The entire program was a mess.

Don Perdue, chairman of the House of Delegates Health and Human Resources Committee, said he is “glad to hear of [the programs] demise.” “Many of the people in the provider community and many clients were saying It just doesnt work; we dont understand it,”” the Wayne County Democrat said. “The thing didnt do what it was supposed to do. It was very garbled in its delivery.”

via Controversial Medicaid program to be discontinued  – News – The Charleston Gazette – West Virginia News and Sports –.

We are glad there is an end in site but we are very interested in finding out what all DHHR has in the works for Medicaid in the future.


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  1. Wajid says:

    I believe there is a lot of Medicaid fraud. I am a nurse and wrkoed for a doctor in his office where for one instance, some of the girls (pregnant and otherwise) that came in had a Medicaid card in one name and telling that wasn’t their name anymore because they had gotten married. We would tell them they needed a card with their actual legal name on it before we could see them. However, I know of times other doctors seen the patients we turned away and just put them down as the name they had on the Medicaid card. There should be something in place that follows up on these people and demands the doctors, hospitals and anyone else that knows of the info being inconsistent being required to report it. The way it is, some doctors and hospitals, (I am guessing here), are fearful of the money (little that they actually collect on from Medicaid)it will take from them. Others are probably to lazy to do their jobs and it is just easier to not report it. Trust me there are more than just this scenario.

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