Developing an Action Plan – Training

Developing an Action Plan – Training

Somebody ought to do something about that!


How many times have you said that about something you see on TV or read in the paper?

Next time you say that remember that is your hearts way of saying YOU need to do something about that.


In order to do something about “that”, you need a plan.  That is what this training is all about.  This training is designed for small groups who are interested in organizing around an issue in their community.  The issue could be as small as putting in a new stop sign or as large as changing the laws governing the community.  No matter what the issue it all must start with an action plan. This one day training will take your group through the steps of building an action plan and how to put that plan into action.

This training is available for youth as well as adults.

If you are interested in this FREE training please contact us


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