Dropped out or Pushed out?

Dropped out or Pushed out?

Teen DAWG has been looking at the push out drop out rates for sometime now, while doing some new research I came across this organization called Youth Rights Media from New Haven Connecticut, that is doing digital storytelling around the drop out and push out rates in their area.

The video below will take you to a poem that I think anyone can relate to, The first line made me think of my first day of high school. They say this in high schools across America, which is just another example of how students are being pushed out.


West Virginia’s drop out rate is 16.8% (WV Kids Count) There are of course no statistics for the push out rate. I know from my own personal experience and those of others how hard some students are pushed to drop out.

There are 3 kinds of pushed in the school system:

1. Some students are pushed to quit school. (Mainly low-income and teen moms)

2. Some are just pushed from one desk to another until they graduate. (Mainly jocks and those with behavioral problems)

3. Some are pushed to succeed to their full potential. (Mainly wealthy)

Teen DAWG is working on this issues and would like to hear your story. To get more involved in Teen DAWG and this issue contact us.

If you are interested in supporting Teen DAWG and our work on this issue please donate online or by sending a check to DAWG PO Box 20079, Charleston, WV 25362




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  1. cheyenne says:

    I know what your talking about they did the same stuff to me. Even though I was 20 when I graduated I wouldn’t quit I kept on pushing back until I graduated. I stayed even though they refused to let me participate in extra curricular activities such as prom and was not allowed to walk at my own graduation. To all the students who that feel like they are being pushed to drop out just remember you can push back and stay in school despite all the walls that are put in your way and the grief the staff and life may put you through. IF I CAN DO IT I KNOW YOU CAN.

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