Help with Buying School Clothes

WV School Clothing Vouchers Are Available From DHHR If you receive a WVWorks (welfare) check or are a child in Foster Care the vouchers will automatically be mailed to you in July. If you do not receive a WVWorks check or are not in the Foster Care system then you must apply to see if your child qualifies for a voucher.

Applications are taken from July 1st to July 31st.

The vouchers can be used for clothing such as, pants, shirts, skirts, dresses, shoes, coats, and underwear.  The vouchers cannot be used for book bags or school supplies. To apply: Visit your local DHHR office before July 31 or Do an application online by visiting ( Follow all the instructions and make sure you send in your signature page to your local office. ) For more information, contact your local DHHR office or call 1-877-716-1212.  


  1. allison gordwin

    Hello my name is Allison Gordwin I, have three neices Crystalha-12, Jada-8, and Cindy lue Gordwin-5, and two nephews Christopher Jr-11., and Lil Christain Gordwin-3 who are living with my brother Christopher and they have lost everything they had there mom had them at first and we do not know where she is at or what she is doing. But, My brother Christopher Gordwin is in need of assistance of any kind if you can help please feel free to call me back at 713-491-9603 Thanks truly Ms. Allison Gordwin

    • Since it appears you are not in West Virginia, I would start with contacting your local welfare department and asking them for help. You may also contact you local Salvation Army and see if they will provide clothing for the children. If you are in West Virginia and just have a Texas area code you can contact the office 304-590-8050 and we can see how we can help your brother get the help he needs for the children.

  2. In the past, pajamas have been excluded too, in case anyone is wondering. I was wondering about bookbags, so I thank you for this information! Also, last year, Target wouldn’t let me get him anything with the Champion labels or anything that was considered sports apparel.

    • You can not purchase pajamas, bookbags or school supplies with clothing vouchers. However, you can purchase your child’s winter coat which is usually expensive and is a big help to have covered. Not sure why Target wouldn’t let you purchase sports apparel as long as it was clothing it should not have mattered. Many churches, and community organizations have school supply giveaways which often includes bookbags as well as pencils, crayons, etc. Check with your school or a local community organization to find out if there are school supply giveaways in your area.

  3. i am a single mother and in dire need of assistance have lost my job and my 2 kids have no clothes for school there is no one to help me please thank you sencirly natishia myles

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