Need a Car? GNMG May be Able to Help

Need a Car? GNMG May be Able to Help

Good News Mountaineer Garage (GNMG) accepts donations of vehicles that are repairable for a reasonable amount of money. These donated cars are then distributed to families with low incomes needing transportation to work.


Need a Car?

To receive a vehicle, a family must be referred by their DHHR case manager with approval by the regional supervisor. When GNMG receives the referral, a staff person will contact the family to explain the program and determine what kind of vehicle best meets their transportation needs. Before a family can be placed in a vehicle, they must provide proof of liability insurance and participate in GNMG’s maintenance/ car care training.

Eligibility Requirements – To be eligible for a referral a family must:

  1. Be receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits – a welfare check.
  2. Families receiving foodstamps or medical benefits only will not qualify.
  3. Be actively participating in the West Virginia WORKS program
  4. Have no access to other transportation

The WV Works Program is funded by the WV Department of Health and Human Services to provide vehicles to referred recipients who need a vehicle to get to a job or to job training.

The vehicles are provided statewide and the people who get them are determined by the case managers at the Department. Referred recipients must have children in the home under 18, be eligible for TANF, and involved in work or training activities.

Eligibility for medicaid or food stamps alone does not qualify someone for the program. The family must be getting a monthly assistance check or have received a monthly assistance check in the last six months. The vehicles are provided for $1. All of the recipients receive a car maintenance/care training before they get the car and must provide proof of liability insurance. The goal of the program is to move people who are on public assistance to work and economic self-sufficiency.


Want to donate a car?

You may be eligible for a tax deduction on your federal income taxes if your car is accepted. And you may also qualify for a direct state tax credit (when available) for half the value of your vehicle.

Call 1-866-GIVECAR





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