Organizational Development in the Context of Building a Movement

Organizational Development in the Context of Building a Movement

In order for an organization to be a true part of a larger social movement the development of the organization must incorporate the values and vision of the larger movement. It’s not enough to say your organization is part of a social movement for change.  Your organization itself must be an agent of change.

What we have learned so far:

  • You must look at the big picture.  You can’t just focus on your issue you must see how it fits into the overall struggle for justice.  It’s all related – the environment, labor struggles, welfare rights, oppression, racism, sexism, reproductive justice, education, housing, economics, politics, etc.
  • Education is key.  You must educate everyone not just on the issue but also on power analysis, historical movements, structure of society, theories of poverty, forms of oppression, political systems, etc.  An educated constituency truly has the power.
  • Develop leadership not just leaders.
  • Your organizations values, mission, and goals need to reflect and incorporate the values of the larger movement.
  • Everyone and I mean everyone needs to understand how the work reflects the values, mission, and goals of the organization and the larger movement. You have to live the mission not just be able to recite it.
  • Develop strategic alliances that further the work and build the movement.
  • Do NOT compromise for money.  Do not adjust your values just to get funding.  If you believe in the work and the work is valuable then the funding will come.



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  1. countrygrl says:

    Its so important for people to come together. To many groups are worried about their issue and not about unifying to create a new and better world. They need to understand that everything is related.

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