Poor People – People Who Are Poor

Poor People – People Who Are Poor

In order to develop a language for our work, we have to take a look at the way society uses language to oppress.   We have to look at the language we use – the language taught to us by an unjust system – and reclaim that language, re frame that language to reflect the ideals we want to convey.

The term “poor people” is a term we have discussed as people who are poor.  Is “poor people” a label given to us by society to denote that we are “poor” before we are “people” and thus less then “people”? Is “poor” what we are and “people” just an adjective to describe poor or are we “people who are poor”? People first, like all other people with poor being an adjective to describe the situation society forces us to live in.  We are people, humans, intelligent beings on this earth entitled to all that means and we are poor describing the situation we are forced to live in. Therefore, we are people who are poor, people living in poverty, people suffering and struggling to make sure we are seen as people entitled to the same rights as all people.  The right to food, shelter, education, jobs that pay a living wage, health care, freedom from oppression, freedom of expression, freedom to live without fear, without struggle, without want.  We are people and we are citizens of the earth and we just so happen to be poor. People living in poverty. Poverty is the problem not the people.


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