Woman sues program for violating right against “involuntary servitude”

Woman sues program for violating right against “involuntary servitude”

A Seattle woman claims the Work First welfare program violates her right against “involuntary servitude.”  She is suing the state under the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution over the practices of the Work First program, KING-TV, Seattle, reported Thursday.

“Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime … shall exist within the United States,” the amendment states.

Wood said the $453 monthly benefit she gets from the program requires her to either spend 32 hours a week looking for work at a program office or serve an internship at a non-profit for the same amount of weekly hours.

via Suit: Welfare program unconstitutional – UPI.com.

This is definitely a case we will need to watch.  Often times the hours of “work activities” required for TANF (welfare checks) does not equal out to minimum wage and therefore violates labor laws and now maybe it will be shown that it violates the Constitution.

This was first posted in Feb. 2010

May 2011

Here is an update on this story. Notice how they spin this story to make her look like a villain that is trying to take everyone’s benefits away.


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  1. john pichi says:

    The program welfare recipients must work to get TANF is totally involuntary servitude.

    The money grants cannot be program; TANF is the name of the grant for sure.
    There is no need to make nobody believes GRANT is a program.

    Yes, that is involuntary servitude.

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