WV Cutting Child Care Funding to Working Families

WV Cutting Child Care Funding to Working Families

The WV Department of Health and Human Resources announced cuts to child care assistance.  On August 1, the state will freeze enrollment into the program meaning NO new families will be able to sign up for help with child care payments.  The state will also stop payments to families who are at or above 150% of the federal poverty level.  (The program currently assists families up to 185% of the FPL)

Families currently receiving TANF (welfare- cash assistance), children in Foster Care and those under court ordered care though CPS will not be effected.

According to a recent report from the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies, Single mothers with full time child care pay 43% of their income toward childcare.

Without child care assistance from the state, many of these mothers will be forced to quit work and resort to TANF assistance to support their families.  Welfare reform’s objective was to get people off welfare and into the workforce. In order to make that happen child care assistance was made available to help families get off and stay off welfare.  Now with these cuts targeted toward working families many will have no choice but to resort to returning to welfare (TANF).  This is just one more example of the catch 22 system that low income families are caught in.

If you are as concerned with this issue as DAWG is contact the Governors Office  toll free at  1-888-438-2731 and let Governor Tomblin know that he needs to support working families in West Virginia by ending the cuts to child care assistance.



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  1. Lourissa King says:

    I think you should leave LINK alone my best friend has a 4 year old and both her and her husband work to avoid having to go on welfare. My question for you is if you cancel LINK then are you saying it is okay for people to have to stop working and go on welfare… wouldn’t that just raise the cost of welfare????

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