Child Care Freeze Lifted But the Fight is Not Over

Child Care Freeze Lifted But the Fight is Not Over

On Tuesday July 24, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin announced that the freeze on child care assistance would be lifted.

“Because this program is important to thousands of working West Virginia families I have lifted the freeze on the childcare subsidy program—allowing qualified families to enter this program. We need to strike a reasonable balance between access to and quality of childcare while placing a priority on funding services for the families and children who need it most. Over the next several months I will be working with parents, childcare providers, members of the legislature and staff within the Department of Health and Human Services to share ideas about how to sustain this critical program for our families.”

What this lift means is that families who qualify for child care assistance can still apply.  What this also means is that the cuts to child care are still occuring.

Families currently receiving child care assistance are going to have to pay a 50% increase in co-pays beginning August 1 and on January 1, families who are above 150% of the federal poverty level will no longer be eligible for child care assistance.  Currently families can receive assistance up to 185% of the FPL

What this all boils down to is that low income working families are still going to have to pay more for child care which is going to make it harder to make ends meet.

What we need to do is keep the pressure on Governor Tomblin.   Let him know that we want our tax dollars to go to supporting working families.  Let the Governor know that its time the state of WV invested in children.

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