Funeral Assistance in WV

Funeral Assistance in WV

The West Virginia Burial Assistance program of DHHR assists with a payment up to $1250 toward the cost of funeral expenses for an indigent adult or child. The program benefits are determined by the burial rate and, when applicable, the amount which exceeds the maximum allowable payment. Family contributions and other third party payments of up to $1200 are allowed.


For eligibility information contact your local WV-DHHR office.


NOTE: This program is for West Virginia Residents ONLY!

We are not aware of programs in other states.  If you or the deceased is not a resident of West Virginia then contact your state’s local Human Services/Welfare Department and ask if they have a program.  Another resource for information may be the funeral directors association or hospice care organizations in your state.



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  1. Nova Donaldson says:

    My brother-in-law died10/19/12.He was recieving snap and a medical card. My mother-in-law as my niece needs help paying for the funeral. Is there a program to help them pay for it?

  2. Shannon Graham says:

    I NEED HELP!!!! My dad passed Yesterday morning unexpected. I have no money to pay for his funeral or anything. He has no living will or anything. I have spent all day calling places for help. I just hope someone hears me! 🙁

    Please help me.

    • DAWG Editor says:

      If you live in West Virginia you need to follow the steps in this article to apply. If you do not live in West Virginia you will need to contact your local social services/welfare department and see if they have any assistance available.

  3. Misty Adkins says:

    My mom wants welfare to pay for her funeral and is leaving me in charge to do so. I have no job and my husband makes 4+,000$ a year . Will welfare pay or do I?

  4. Dani Ramsey says:

    My husband makes a beautiful pine box casket. What is the best way to let people know they could purchase a low-priced, old-fashioned, casket that still gives dignity to the person who has passed? The funeral market is quite closed due to the mark-up fees. We have a simple alternative with reasonable prices. Thanks for any ideas you may have.

  5. atkinson says:

    Do you have to pay the dhhr back? I recently got help with a funeral 1200$ now I’m being told by another family member I have to pay it back is this true ?

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