Kids and Money

Kids and Money

Well, its almost time for Halloween, the beginning of the holiday season that just costs too much.  It starts with Halloween.  The kids need costumes, and you got to buy candy or make some cupcakes for them to take to school.  Then comes Thanksgiving, which ain’t too bad because most of the stuff you need you can buy with your food stamps, but that makes the rest of the month harder.  Then comes the holiday all us poor mama’s dread.  Christmas.  And God forbid if any of us was unlucky enough to have birthed our kids in the winter.  That means on top of all this money for Halloween and  Christmas, then you got birthday.  And all  these holidays come one right after another.  It don’t give you anytime to save up, but there ain’t much saving when you living on less then $300 a month.  Then on top of everything, its the time of year when your bills go up because its cold and you got to have your heat on.

Everybody thinks all the churches and the Secret Santa’s will help.  Well, they do and I thank them for it, but its just not the same as going out and being able to pick out the stuff you want to buy for your kids.  Its just not the same.


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  1. Jane says:

    I was “unlucky” enough to have birthed a child a few days before Christmas. Your post made me laugh. The holiday season and the beginning and end of school season have a lot of extra expenses that you just can’t prepare for when you have a limited income.
    I’m as frugal as I can possibly be but I just have more expenses than I do resources. It takes so much time and energy just trying to meet basic needs.

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