Medicaid Made Simple

Medicaid Made Simple

Medicaid is a federal health insurance program that helps more than 400,000 low income children, disabled, and elderly people in West Virginia. Medicaid is a very complicated program that is often hard to understand.  The WV Center on Budget and Policy Priorities recently released a report entitled Medicaid Made Simple.  The report is written for policymakers and the public to help them understand who is served by Medicaid and the impact Medicaid has on West Virginia’s Economy.


  • Provides health and long-term care for more than 400,000 West Virginians.
  • Is primarily a health insurance program for low-income children. More than half of all Medicaid beneficiaries are children. Medicaid ensures that children get screening to catch health and developmental problems early.
  • Assures the safety of mothers and babies. More than half of all births in West Virginia are paid for by Medicaid.
  • Is a long-term care program for the elderly and people with disabilities. It pays for three out of four nursing home beds and funds the state’s popular in-home care program for the elderly.
  •  Provides tens of thousands of jobs and adds $2 billion to West Virginia’s economy every year.


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