TANF Cases Continue to Decrease while Food Stamp Caseload Increases

More signs that the safety net no longer exists for poor families. While TANF cases are decreasing food stamp cases are increasing.  Accroding to the latest report from Legal Momentum -  since the recession began in Dec. 2007,  TANF cases have only increased 11% while food stamp cases have increased 55%.
Temporary Assistance to Need Families TANF caseloads declined in the second quarter of 2010 as they had in the first quarter. Cumulatively, over these two quarters caseloads fell in thirty five states and the national caseload decreased by 1.8%. via Legal Momentum: The TANF Program: Reports and Resources.
This just shows that it is time to invent another solution to the problems we face living in a land of plenty while starving.

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