Amnesty and Witness Release Advocacy Toolkit on Forced Evictions

Amnesty and Witness Release Advocacy Toolkit on Forced Evictions

Witness, a story telling project based in Brooklyn NY and Amnesty International have produced an organizing tool Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit, a multimedia resource for activists, social movements and communities fighting evictions. From outlining the obligations of governments to sharing videos that help foster debate and inspire mobilization, the Toolkit provides critical resources to support the efforts of those advocating against forced evictions locally and globally, as well as those working to raise awareness on the issue.

While the toolkit presents the issue from a global perspective, it also references post Katrina New Orleans and Chicago Illinois. The Toolkit is available in a multi-lingual format.

The Tool Kit Contains:

  • “Evict Them! In Five Easy Steps” is a satirical animation and effective attention grabber that shows how governments and corporations often behave when forcibly evicting a community.
  •  “People Before Profit” brings together stories of forced evictions from 11 countries and highlights the common patterns of violations that occur before, during and after evictions. It also features the brave resistance of affected communities rising up to defend their rights.
  • “How to Film Forced Evictions” provides quick tips on safely and successfully filming a forced eviction.
  • “How Video Can Support Your Forced Evictions Campaign” features best practices and practical examples of different ways video can help strengthen your campaign’s actions, meetings and events
  •  “Forced Evictions: Know Your Rights” is a straightforward list of the key components of the right to housing.
  • “Know Your Obligations: A Guide to Preventing Forced Evictions”  outlines government’s’ responsibilities to uphold international human rights standards by providing practical guidance on the main measures that must be undertaken when planning development projects that may lead to evictions.

A link to the toolkit is located here. Organizers may find the toolkit useful to combine with the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign’s short documentary Taking Over Taking Back. A link to the Chicago documentary can be found here. The password for the Chicago documentary is homes


Special Thanks to Rob at USACAI for letting us know about this great resource.





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