#OpSafeWinter Helping Each Other Survive the Cold

#OpSafeWinter Helping Each Other Survive the Cold

In November 2013, Anonymous launched #OpSafeWinter is a global movement to aid the homeless. Direct Action Welfare Group(DAWG) sees this as a great opportunity for many new people to get involved in the work poor people’s groups have been doing for years around homelessness and poverty. We also see this as a potential new global awakening to the struggle we have been fighting for basic human rights (food, clothing, shelter, etc).

In a press release on the website. #OpSafeWinter, it states:

“This winter has been predicted to be one of the most severe in recent history and the homeless population worldwide is also predicted to be one for the records. The global recession, austerity measures, wars, natural disasters and many other factors have converged to make a record number of regular, working people homeless this winter. This coupled with the severe storm season we have already seen beginning in the United States, Europe and the Middle East creates a perfect storm of hopelessness for the homeless this winter. In response to these challenges, a global movement has begun to aid the homeless.”

Anonymous is asking everyone to “help humanity help itself” by getting involved and helping out the people in your community by either helping existing charities, organizing your community, or by giving aid directly to people who are homeless.

You can learn more by following the hashtag on Twitter #OpSafeWinter

DAWG has put together a few suggestions on ways to help in your community

  • Collect warm clothes, coats, hats, and gloves and hold a giveaway
  • Set up a free hot chocolate stand for a few hours
  • Host a discussion in your community about homelessness and the human right to housing
  • Donate tents, sleeping bags, gloves, socks, coats, and warm blankets to a local homeless drop in center such as Covenant House in Charleston, WV
  • Collect pocket hand warmers and distribute them on cold nights.
  • Make bag lunches and pass them out on the street
  • Acknowledge homeless people on the street and talk to them.
  • Donate and get involved with organizations like DAWG that are organizing around a human rights framework and asking: Why are people homeless in this land of plenty?  Why are families working and still ending up on the streets?

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