Who We Are


Direct Action Welfare Group Inc.

Poor People Organizing in West Virginia to Create Positive Change.

DAWG is a grassroots statewide organization consisting of welfare moms, low wage workers, and people in poverty in one of the poorest states in America, West Virginia.  Over the years this group has been able to stop cuts to the state’s child care program, school clothing voucher program, and to public transportation.

DAWG is a well respected group not only in West Virginia but on a national level as well.  DAWG is one of many such poor people’s organizations throughout the United States that are fighting an uphill battle to end poverty and just survive on a daily basis.

It takes more then food baskets at Thanksgiving and presents at Christmas to make a change. It takes everyone standing up together and saying Enough! Join with DAWG to stand up and fight the injustices perpetrated on America’s poor families who are struggling everyday to make ends meet.