Our History

DAWG grew out of a small group of welfare moms who met in an apartment in a low-income housing project.  As we learned the rules and regulations of the many programs that affected our families, we began to share our knowledge with others in the community.

When we began to move off public assistance and into the workforce we began to look at more issues that impacted our lives.  At this point we began to encounter groups in other states who were working on these same issues.  In 2002, we decided to become a formal organization that would provide a voice for the poor in West Virginia.

For nearly a year we ran the organization on a strictly volunteer basis with no budget and the help of a United Methodist Mission Project.  With the help of many community organizations, churches, and grassroots groups in other states, D.A.W.G. was able to become incorporated in the state of West Virginia in 2002 and receive 501(c) 3 nonprofit status from the IRS in April 2003.