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Huntington Water Event and CAPMA Planning

On Saturday, December 13, Direct Action Welfare Group in conjunction with The Assembly to End Poverty, and the Poverty Working Group of the US Social Forum will host a discussion of the basic human right to water with special guests from the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization (MWRO).  MWRO has been on the forefront of the…
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Medicaid Expansion Statewide Forum April 7th

Did you know that our state has the opportunity to draw federal funds to provide health care for 120,000 working families? If Gov. Tomblin says “yes” to Medicaid Expansion, the Federal Government will provide more than 90-100 percent of the costs to pay for health insurance for families who are working, but making less than…
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Statewide Advocacy Trainings

DAWG is once again co-sponsoring advocacy trainings throughout the state of West Virginia.  The trainings cover the basics of the legislative process and how to interact with your elected officials.  Participants will also get to network with progressive organizations from around the state and find out the issues they are working on. Check out DAWG’s…
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