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New Report on Millennials- Race and Activism

  When I realized that what was happening to me and my family was not an aberration but was part of a plan. My passion came from my personal experience and my rage about it came from understanding that it was broader. Poverty is a political issue, so is immigration enforcement, etc. It’s all part…
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Occupy Huntington Eviction

On November 30 the city of Huntington served an eviction notice on Occupy Huntington to be executed the following day at 4pm.   The decision was made by the occupiers to dismantle the camp to save the supplies and tents for reoccupation. At 4am the police showed up to dismantle the remaining structures. Click here to…
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Occupy Huntington Day 17

On Day 17 Occupy Huntington marched to Marshall University for a student walk out. Click here to watch the video.

A Call to African Americans to Join the Occupy Movement

DAWG member Carlos Fields has been with Occupy Huntington since day one.  Noticing the general lack of involvement of the black community, Carlos decided to issue this call. Click HERE to watch the video.