Teen DAWG: Youth Empowerment

Teen DAWG consists of teen parents, junior high and high school students, high school graduates, college students, teens with disabilities, and what people like to label as “at risk teens”.

We teach leadership and community organizing skills. We show teens how to stand up for your rights as citizens of the United States and how to create change in their community

Teen DAWG encourages teens to take a stand and speak up. If we just sit down and keep our mouths closed then no one will know what we think. We should after all have a say because we are the future and what happens now affects us now and in the future.

Teen DAWG is aware of the issues facing us all and we want to make everyone else aware of these issues too. We do this by taking a stand, and letting everyone know what we think. If we don’t like how something is going down then we will make it change. We educate other teens on the issues of living in poverty. We let them know what their rights are as public assistance recipients and how to access financial aid to go to college or vocational school. We educate other teens that don’t know anything about living on public assistance on what it is about and how it helps people and that it is nothing to be ashamed of because everyone needs a helping hand once in a while.

(Teen DAWG is currently suspended due to lack of staff and funding to adequately run this program.)


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